Steel Grating

(1)Steel gratings-Trench cover
The trench cover is made from steel grid plate,with a variety of models to choose to suit different span load and requirements.Widely used in municipal roads, landscape facilities, residential quarters, school, stadium and other venues.According to different occasions, can choose different type ditch (well) plate, the surface can be hot-dip zinc, cold galvanized (plating) or not.

(2)Steel grating-Platform steel plate

Platform steel plate has extensive application,general factory, workshop, mining, ports, all kinds of platforms can choose. It has beautiful style, convenient installation, is a kind of new building products.
Platform steel plate welding standard: 30mm space,every five welding;space 40mm every four welding;space 60mm every three welding.Weld line is for not less than 3 mm one-side fillet weld, welded length 20mm.